Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

It’s a Nativity scene of course!

The scene was set. A large cardboard box painted. A huge star decoration added. Some straw added for good effect. And then came the main characters…

Darth Vader had been considered a logical stand-in for a wise man, accompanied by Action Man complete with his robotic arm. We never saw a third wise man. Not enough action figures, obviously.

Baby Jesus was a tiny Lego figurine sleeping in a tiny matchbox. The shepherds were a variety of knights, soldiers and cowboys. The cattle; all kind of animals from kangaroos to pandas, with a dinosaur or two thrown in for good measure.

Luke Sky-Walker was there proudly representing Joseph. And Mary was there too, my very own old Barbie doll.

It was the thought that counted and my three sons were so proud of their efforts. Darth Vader in a Nativity scene? Well, why not I say?

Nativity scene (a story). Today’s post for the letter N of this Christmas Alphabet on the 14 December 2012.


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