Joy to you at Christmas time.

Christmas alphabet  - letter J

Christmas Joy to you at this special time, 15 days before Christmas.


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One response to “Joy to you at Christmas time.

  • drommelisa

    Ahh, I had a look at these in your other post some weeks ago, but time flies so fast, and I never got to that point where I got to comment. But I think these where so beautiful, and they inspired me so much. But still, I can’t find time for anything else than exam these days, Even reading “normal” books becomes something I feel guilty about. Well, hopefully, when my life gets into place, and I can find time to do the things I like to do, then I will take a look at this picture again and be inspired and make something really nice 🙂
    Thanks for posting 🙂

    PS! Picture hasn’t arrived yet (but then, I haven’t been to the post office today yet…)

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