Daily Archives: December 6, 2012

After the tide has turned.

After the tide

After the tide has turned, leaving the sand wet on the beach.


Green is Good at Christmas.

Christmas Alphabet - Letter G

I’m dreaming of a Greener Christmas.

Support artisans and crafts people. Recycle. Reuse. Up-cycle. Think Vintage. Buy a bike. Buy someone a bike. Make something. Offer a service instead of a thing as a gift. Donate to a charity. Wrap gifts with recycled papers or material. Give a tree.

Buy what is in season and organically grown. Support local market-places. Share food. Use everything. Compost. Grow and make some of your own food.

Learn where things come from. Walk more. Reduce plastic and excess packaging. Be careful with our trees and waterways. Teach children to care for our planet.

In the spirit of Giving, a touch of Green is Good.

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