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On duty…

on duty

The first official weekend of summer at the beach. The flags are up, but there is not a soul to be seen.

Just me and my camera.

Exhibition update

Things are coming together slowly for the exhibition. The brochures are being printed as I write, and I will post them first here, as soon as they are ready, so you, as my internationally  located supporters/advisers/fellow artists/kindred spirits will get the first look at them. If you are in New Plymouth, New Zealand, in January, please come along to the exhibition. All the details, (including an opening night function) are on the brochure. 

The works are all coming together slowly. I hope there is a sense of cohesion as I have tried to bring a variety of arts and passions together. There is a range of photography (from super large scale to small photo blocks and medium sized framed images in between), unique mixed-media pieces, various sized abstract paintings, and importantly, there are the stories (the blog’s) which tie it all together which are being incorporated in several different (and hopefully unique) ways in the exhibition. I am excited (and broke!). It is finally nearly here.

Just in case you were wondering what was happening.

A thank you too, from me, at this busy time.  Thank you very much to the lovely people who have shown support for my art and endeavours and also those who have purchased my work recently. It is such a thrill when someone really loves a piece. It has given me a much needed confidence boost!

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Alphabet. I wanted to do something completely unrelated to the exhibition, that was fun, meaningful and a teeny bit meandering with a touch of the whimsical.  

Take care out there during the silly season.



Family ties…

Christmas Alphabet - letter F

The best Christmas gifts are not found under the tree. Whether they are close by, living far away, or sometimes only dwelling in our hearts; it is our family and our friends that give us the best gifts of all, love and a sense of belonging to something bigger than just ourselves.

Three F words for Christmas…Family. Friends. Forever.

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