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About the bells.

It was supposed to be about the bells. And an old fountain on top of a hill. I heard the bells ringing through town and realised I had never been up to the grassy hill where they are located. I recalled also that a fountain that once graced our city centre (long before I lived here) was also re-located up on this grassy hill when it was no longer considered desirable in town. So, I went to explore an area of the city that I did not know. And it was pretty. The fountain was not neglected but quite lovely (although planted rather than full of water obviously), and in addition to the glorious bells, the lovely old fountain, and the views over the city and sea, there was also an old war memorial on the grassy hill.

Yet despite all this visual inspiration, my photographs seemed decidedly average, failing to capture the essence of the space I was in and the emotion I had experienced, which was a real sense of peacefulness. I need to go back, with more time, more patience and really capture what felt so special. So, rather than share any images that I am not that happy with, I offer instead, the last one I took as I left, of the trees! Some very tightly growing together trees – their silver and white trunks, all vying for space, light and attention it seemed.

Going green.

Green is good. Green is the colour of life, nature, vibrancy, goodness, fertility and growth. It is also the colour of grass. And glorious trees. But not the sky.

Green, Grein (Scot) also means to long [for], to yearn [for].

And Greengage is a green and very sweet variety of plum. As well as a great sounding name for a fruit.

A special moment.

A grandfather and grandson meeting for the first time. A special moment that I was privileged to be a part of.

I do love taking photographs of people, but rarely post them on my blog as most subjects are (my ever obliging) family and people I know personally. In this case, I have made an exception. I think it is just an exquisitely touching moment. I hope you, like me, get a little lump in your throat and can feel the love that I have tried to capture.

Simple beauty.

Some hand picked roses from my garden. An old pale green and gold port bottle for a vase. This is a reminder about noticing and appreciating beauty in the every-day, finding perfection in the imperfect and the simple joy in a bunch of hand-picked and home-grown flowers.

Drama in the hills

I like the way this landscape looks almost ethereal and not like a photograph at all, but more like a painting. Strong lines, restricted colours, light and shadow all work together to create a dramatic image.

Coming home

Some images I posted recently, reconfigured from a slide show into a collage. They are very much about the emotion of coming home to me, and you will see the mountain in every image, although in some it is obscured by cloud, my camera settings, and/or the fact that I was in a moving car on a state highway for all shots.

Living the dream.

The Taranaki National Art Awards (and Exhibition) for 2012 has been and gone. It was great to be there on opening night to see all the amazing art on display. I feel privileged to live in such a creative place with such talented artists (and keen supporters of local and national art) around. Opunake township, who hosts the event, also had art on display in most shop front windows and I was lucky to be asked to have two pieces on display, which was really great as well.

I had three pieces entered, two photographs and one painting (which was not for sale). I was thrilled to find out on the last day, that one of my photographs had sold. It was just the confidence boost I needed as my first exhibition is nearing in two months.

It is starting to feel really real.

A city view.

I always look up.

These are three of the images I took in a city I have not lived in for over ten years, but recently visited briefly. I observed my new but not entirely unknown environment, considering the streets as I walked. Both public and private spaces, and public and private buildings, old and derelict, new and everything in between was found.

I like to consider what makes a place interesting, vibrant, beautiful, eccelctic and what it is that draws us in, to linger and stay, play and be ourselves.

A golden moment in green.

A passing glance on a road trip turned up a most lovely view. While there is an implied sense of grandeur with this majestic tree-lined driveway scene, it actually felt graceful and simple. It was a sense of serenity that overwhelmed the senses.

I loved the hugeness of the trees. The tree trunks like pillars providing strength, form, size and scale to the image. The vibrant green canopy meeting above the driveway; together creating a sense of looking into a majestic green cathedral. The lazy sheep roaming and sleeping wherever they liked added a whimsical touch that I adored.

Sometimes you just know you have found something special. Hang on to those moments. They are gold. Sometimes gold is green. And woolly.

Homeward bound

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No matter how good it is to go away, no matter how inspiring the sights, how meaningful the visits, how great the weather, how welcoming the friends, and how loving the family, there is no place like home.

And nothing says “home” around here, like the first glimpse on your return journey, of our glorious mountain. It is here, in every image, if you look carefully.

A mountain. A memory marker. A heart token. Home.

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