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A Christmas Alphabet

christmas alphabet A

Here we are at December 1st already. Where has the year gone? The countdown to Christmas starts with the first day of the advent calendar, the Christmas tree decorations being dusted off, and the Christmas parade in town today to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Also for us in the southern hemisphere, December 1st heralds the start of summer, with school holidays fast approaching, summer days at the beach and long lazy summer days with friends and family, to look forward too.

As there are 25 days to Christmas, I am going to countdown to Christmas with a Christmas Alphabet – a different letter each day.

Today on December 1st, we start with A, of course.

A is, for me, about having an Attitude of gratitude. I think Christmas is about giving thanks, being truly appreciative for the things we often take for granted, and for acknowledging important people we have in our lives. Its about sharing our gratitude with others. Its about saying “I appreciate you”. So, I start my Christmas Alphabet on December 1st with the letter A and the thought of having an Attitude of gratitude at Christmas time.

Keeping watch over the city.

In one lifetime it was probably a source of civic pride, valued for its beauty. A fountain in the city centre – how perfect! I imagine children playing, fascinated with the water, splashing and giggling; adults enjoying the sound of flowing water, and the view, too, from the seating that I imagine was located nearby. Birds also, would have come to the fountain to cool down, and maybe even a dog or two may have had a cool drink in these fountain waters. Was it considered too tacky? Was it simply too grand? Too fancy? Not quite the right “image” for a city heading into a brave new future? Or was it just too hard to maintain?

In another lifetime, it now keeps watch over the city from afar, perched on a grassy suburban hill with the sea and trees as a scenic backdrop instead of the hustle and bustle of down town. Just as beautiful, but neglected, seemingly sadder somehow, as the plants grow now where once the water glistened.

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