Daily Archives: November 26, 2012

Unfinished business.

Latest progress on my latest unfinished painting.

I was determined it was going to be light and bright, but my paintings seem to take on a life of their own. Something happened along the way, and it became quite clear that it was not right and that it needed to become something else…and so I just responded, trying not too think too much but just go with the feeling.

It seemed to became a much darker painting, heavily textured and noticeably with an age-old symbol of humankind and loss, a simple cross, appearing. When it got to the stage it is now, I felt exhausted, but relieved.

Getting in the spirit…

Christmas at the beach will not be quite right without something to set the scene. We have a disused fireplace with a mantle piece at our place at the beach, so that was the obvious site for the “tree” I had planned. I was determined to use what I could find around our place, and sure enough, amongst my random collection of driftwood, stones, and shells, I found enough bits of driftwood collected from the beach, to assemble my version of a driftwood Christmas tree. I did “decorate” it with various shells and found beach items, but, in hindsight, I prefer the simpleness and texture of the bare tree, as photographed. Sometimes understated and simple is best.

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