Daily Archives: October 25, 2012

It’s just a tree!

There is something really special about very large, old trees. Even with nearly bare branches before spring has really taken hold, they appear majestic, something to be in awe of.

“Its just a tree!” No, not to me. To me they are precious, delightful and a tiny bit magical.

What you see when you look up…

I am off on a road trip. I hope to post some images along the way of things that I find of interest. Its also a chance to test out my much anticipated and coveted brand new digital SLR camera. Its like meeting an old and beloved friend again…I haven’t had a real camera for a long, long time and it feels so good. It’s still familiar in my hand and eye, but better than my old one of many years ago.

It’s like I have come full circle back to where I started…as a girl with a camera, pen and journal with dreams of using them for her profession one day…how strange life is!

Look up. Look back. Move forward.

The dancer.

She was a trial of something new, an attempt to transfer an image onto industrial tape for reasons I can no longer quite remember. Something happened along the way and my image came out quite different to what I had imagined.

I considered throwing it out at the time, but every time I look at it, I just can’t bring myself too. For three reasons; firstly because we learn more when we make mistakes, because that means we tried something new and took a risk. Secondly, because although her image is transformed into something almost unrecognisable, it feels full of movement, colour and passion. And thirdly, simply because she is dancing. And who wouldn’t want a bit more dancing in their life?

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