cleansing the spirit…

Its all well and good to be surrounded by things you love and that inspire you, but when that starts to feel overwhelmingly like clutter, it can have the opposite effect, weighing you down instead of uplifting you and inspiring creativity. I had got to the point where I hated going in to my studio as it really was looking quite chaotic. There was stuff everywhere, paints, papers, books, glues, brushes, scraps, rags, piles and piles of “stuff” I had collected along the way for “just in case”.

So I pulled everything off my three inspiration boards. Every single item (and it was pretty crammed with bits of paper/notes/pages from books and magazines/business cards, postcards, photos, cards, found ephemera, etc…) and I only put back several images that really spoke to me. Everything else was either sorted into “keep” (for another project), or “rubbish pile”…fortunately most were kept, but are now in one of my treasured suitcases of collected papers.

I also had two frames that I loved stored away, as they both were missing glass and backing…so I out them on the wall and two small bits of art found there way into them. A nice effect I think – a bit quirky.

It looks much barer than before, but in a strange way it feels calmer and more inspiring by being less cluttered. Like a welcoming place to think, do, reflect, create and make art.

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