Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

Acting on the moment

Sometimes over-thinking things can ruin creativity and acting on impulse can be pleasingly surprising. If I had taken time to take this shot “properly”… if I had the camera ready with the correct settings for the available light, if I had spent time to ensure I had the optimal image in my lens, if I had considered shutter speeds and other technical matters, I may have got a technically better photo. Or I may have decided there wasn’t anything special enough, worth photographing and walked away.

It is after all just some farm trees on a fence line.

But in a chance moment as I was a passenger on a drive recently, I snapped this image out of the car while still moving…. The intense sky colour after storms  and now at days end, combined with the tree’s almost in silhouette, caught my eye. The result…a camera set on a random setting and a person who doesn’t think technically but rather just acts creatively, make it appear almost magical.

Once was…

A flower stalk lying on the ground. Noticed by a young girl, and picked up off the ground. Then danced with and waved in the air like a magic wand, by a child who clearly believed it could make her fly if she wished hard enough.

I put it in her bag of collected treasures, and as I do, I notice its fragile, fairy wings too. I make a wish and take a photo, hoping to capture a tiny bit of the magic my daughter saw.

Once it was something else, even if only for a moment.

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