Musings, movement and moments.

I love the movement and colour in this image. It is bright, bold and full of action and texture. I like that it is unusual and vibrant. Movement.

In other news, I have finally got some images framed for my exhibition, I must say they look so different when framed properly. Its quite exciting…and a little daunting. I have also finally got a decent colour printer. So, progress on two things I really needed to get sorted. More movement.

From a creative perspective, my attention has been on watching my three sons plan, design, and construct a wooden play castle/fortification using found items..Moments.

I hope you have found some inspiration over recent days in an unlikely place too. Sometimes we find it when we stop looking, when we leave what we are working on, and shut the door. When we focus our energy on something completely different and outside of our normal routine/comfort zone, we can find new directions, new inspirations and new connections we may never have made otherwise…Musings.

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