Daily Archives: September 27, 2012

A pile of rocks?

Just a pile of rocks? I think not. My reaction is gorgeous colour, interesting shapes, loads of texture, light and shadows in contrast, overall composition and above all else, I think simple, elegant, understated beauty. Inspiration in the everyday.

Locked gates…

Is this a sketch, or a photograph, or something in between? Can photography include taking a realistic photo then turning it into a sketch, and if yes, is it still a photo in this state? What if it was initially a hand-drawn sketch then turned into a photograph, would that matter, rather than a photo turned into a sketch?

The line between art and photography is and has always been blurred in my mind.  This is just another example…at the end of the day I just care that it tells a story and creates some emotion or response in the viewer.

Debate about whether it is a photograph or a sketch aside, this image of elegant wrought iron gates and fretwork now locked from public access, and the glimpses of the now neglected garden beyond, hints of a story. A story that may be interpreted as deeply personal and/or globally recognisable. If an image can do that, then that is enough for me.

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