Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Seeking truth in abstract places

What I love most about abstract art is how it is interpreted so differently by each person who views it. You don’t have to explain it, or justify it to yourself or others. The emotion it evokes in each of us, is our own unique truth.

It is, I think, being essentially human to want to seek out a human form in a vertical image, to seek out a landscape or a horizon in a horizontal image, to seek water or sky when we see blue, to seek a symbol we recognise in an image that’s hard to define.

With abstract images, finding meaning can be brutally simple or frustratingly complex. It may mean you have to look a little harder, a little longer. Or stop looking so hard. Or try a different point of view. You might have to ask different questions of the art. Or, of yourself. Or you may need to just say this image does not speak to me. Or, listen carefully if it does.

The truth will reveal itself to you, given time. I promise.

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