Daily Archives: September 14, 2012

…trash to treasure

I love trawling through junk shops, second hand stores and charity op- shops for special finds. Yesterday, I found this gorgeous solid, heavy silver teapot, with the most wonderful shape and that aged patina you only get from years of use. I don’t think I will use it, but I love how it looks and feels.

I also found this quite contemporary, very simple pale pink glass vase. I think it looks great with some quite simple flowers in it.

They are both very different items but equally lovely to me. There is something really satisfying on a lot of levels, about taking something that is discarded as junk by someone, and turning it into treasure.

add a tiny bit of magic…

Small size original photographic images. For the exhibition. I think they turned out very professional looking. It’s quite a special feeling when images that have only ever been seen from the camera/computer screen become “real” things that one can hold.. it takes me back to the darkroom days of old, when an image would appear in the water seemingly out of nowhere…absolute magic!

Who is she?

I think we juggle a lot of roles in our busy lives, and I think this collage captures some of that…

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