Daily Archives: September 3, 2012

Mountain musings…

The mountain is a huge source of inspiration for artists around here. Local galleries are full of stunning photographs, paintings and other images inspired by the mountain. One can’t help but be impressed by its majestic presence.

This is one of only a very few photos I have taken of it. I try to take them from a different perspective. Most art involving the mountain has a common theme of some of the following…………..a vivid green bush backdrop, black and white cows peacefully grazing, brilliant white snow or a stunning sea backdrop. Mine is rather different, I think.

Almost all of a thought…

Journals are interesting things. Sometimes words and images come easily and purely and really mean something specific to the journal owner. Sometimes words and images come and at the time, seem to mean nothing at all. You are left with a strange feeling, having been compelled to use them, but not really sure why.

Almost all. Why these words? What do they mean? Almost all means holding something back, keeping something in reserve, not exposing to much of yourself in your work and endeavours…but why? For self preservation, risk mitigation, security of mind, protection against criticism? Or is it holding something back as a promise, a tantalizing gesture that there is more and better to come?

Almost all refers to the majority also, and therefore it ironically becomes focused on the exceptions. As in the type of sentence that goes…”Almost all bloggers/artists/photographers/writers/women/creative types….” So, maybe “almost all” is about being an exception, doing things differently from the normal, not being in the majority. Maybe its about finding your own way, taking a less travelled path, standing up for something that everyone else just shrugs their shoulders over, and being comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. Just a thought.

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