Daily Archives: September 2, 2012

Us. That’s all.

I found this. It’s a chopped up part of a wooden, printed sign intended for a rubbish heap, no doubt. I just like that it says “us” quite unintentionally. It makes me smile. Found objects are such an opportunity for creativity and inspiration. All you have to do is be observant to what is around you, and quite often, directly in front of you.

And on the subject of discarded and found items, I have spent part of the weekend working on a very old painted and worn dresser with very black metal handles (that I thought were possibly blackened brass). Imagine my surprise when the more I polished the handle, the the more solid silver it became! The wood too, under layers and layers of white, pink, blue and grey paint, and revealed only so far in one tiny front drawer this weekend, has appeared as the most golden, silky smooth, untarnished native timber I have ever seen…such promises! And, for something rescued from being thrown in a bin destined for the dump and thus salvaged for free, its a great feeling as I see something special emerge under the layers of grime.

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