One word, that’s all.

One word. One thought. One wish. One opportunity. One regret. One chance. One of many. One alone. One voice. One action. One only. One lonely. One heart. One mistake. One moment to shine.

Its just a word, after all. Just one little word with so much attached to it. One thought for tonight.

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One response to “One word, that’s all.

  • dhanashree03

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    this 3 letter word can change an individuals life completely. As we say, ONE idea too has the ability to spin the heads of many….this is the power of the word ONE….ONE small wish of a human, when comes true…can blossom the life FOREVER!! Similarly, on having lost in a competition, to sooth ourself and to prove the world we say—ONE more chance and i’ll achieve it……hence, this small little world has everything in it….

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