Daily Archives: August 18, 2012

starting to make sense of it all…

Is the broken, boarded up building a metaphor for the state of my heart? Well, no, not exactly. But the issue I was referring to was about the choices we make when our town/building/home/heart is in a sad state of affairs…do we try to salvage the things worth saving and rebuild better and stronger – keeping the good and making something new with it, or do nothing but board up and close down until there is nothing left of what was once but a memory marker?

Are the birds that frequently appear in my blog as images and as text, loose references to finding strength, believing you can fly, fragility, vulnerability, freedom, and belonging.

Is it really what I believe, that you must reach the final end point before you can truly begin again?

My recent posts seemed to be at first glance, a random assortment of posts. They seemed to be so different in subject, content and media. It seemed there was no obvious connections linking them. But this week, I finally understood. I realised that the buildings, the birds, the text…each one, and all the ones before then, all work together to tell a story. A heart story. Each one is a tiny thread to the next chapter in the story, leading to something that, for now, I have to just trust in.

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