The beauty of imperfection..

I don’t usually paint objects, in fact this is probally the only time I ever have deliberately painted actual objects that exist. There are a lot of things wrong with this painting from a technical perspective. Yet, I like its quirky charm and adore its imperfections. I like its vibrant background, full of texture and colour. I like the way the black naked bust seems to portray the intent of what I had in mind. The strange shaped gold/green jug is a loose portrayal of a faded green jug I own and love. There may be nothing perfect about it, yet it is one of my favourite paintings and the only one of mine that hangs in my room. I smile as even the shape of the canvas has warped slightly in the sunlight, making it no longer a perfect rectangle, as a final nod to the beauty of imperfection.

In the era we live in, with the seemingly relentless pursuit of perfection, never ceasing improvements and upgrades and mass produced sameness, I think that originality, uniqueness and even imperfect but kind of quirky counts for a lot.

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