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A nod to the humble hydrangea

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Hydrangeas…I love them. I love their compact but messy oversized bunches of little flowers on long stalks. My first memory of them was as a child in my grandmothers garden, with a bit of old lace curtain on my head and a hydrangea serving as a perfect blue bouquet for my wedding dress and veil as I waltzed around her garden dreaming of prince charming…

They come and go out of fashion I think, but I always have a soft spot for them. I love them in all stages (including nearly dead as per the faded beauty above) and in all variety of colours from white to pink, and my favourite, the blue. Interestingly “hydra” means a water monster with many heads which when cut off were succeeded by others. Well, they are not a water monster, but they certainly sprout new heads with profusion! And “Hydra-headed” means difficult to root out, springing up again and again, so I guess they have an appropriate name!

They grow like weeds here, with many farms using them for large bushy hedges offering wind protection to farm cattle. They seem to thrive in the combination of our winds, wet weather, mountain cold air and sea spray….or maybe they just like the cow fertilizer? I don’t know.

So hydrangea’s…they are persistent and resilient. They are also strong but are fragile with too much rough handling. They are long lasting and beautiful from first blossom through to their glorious but final fragile end.

Winter trees

There is something mesmerizing about looking up at trees. It was an overcast mid-winters sunday, the kind of day where colours seems so intense. There were a few brave surfers out taking on the lazy rolling waves at sea and otherwise not hardly a soul about…just winter time trees and a grey sky.

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