Daily Archives: August 2, 2012

Musings about an old lady of a house…

Its just an old farm house. A fairly broken down, unkempt sort of place. The kind of place I am naturally drawn too. If it were in down-town Auckland, or any other city, it would be a renovator’s dream with its high ceilings, original architraves, wooden floors, and antique fireplace surrounds…yet here, perched on a state highway between two small farming communities, and surrounded by paddocks, its value is much less easily defined.. I wonder about who lives here. Why do they live here? Is it by choice, circumstance or some other force at work? Do the people who live in it see the faded beauty of its once quite grand and formal presence and have plans to restore it to its former glory? Or is it just “good enough” accommodation on the edge of a small rural town and not worth anyone’s energy, time or money to restore? Will it slide into total disrepair and be totally abandoned one day, like many others dotted along our state highways, claimed eventually by vandals, animals and nature? Or will it become, with care and love and attention, like a distinguished and grand old lady, adored and revered, and ready for a new generation of memories?

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