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Looking backwards and looking forward…

I have been going back through some old art, sorting out some things in old suitcases and boxes. I think its quite important to look back on what you have done previously, the good, the bad and the ugly. At the time it was painted, I was not that happy with this, and it got buried in a box with other mistakes. Yet, when photographed and cropped, it takes on a whole new look and feel. I don’t quite know what to do with the original painting, but as a photograph, I really like it.

Looking forward, I have been getting things planned in preparation for both the annual Taranaki Art Exhibition and Awards and my exhibition. It is a very exciting time.

The sun is out, too. The sky a brilliant cloudless blue, and the sea is glimmering once again. It makes it seem like summer is here and yet its only late August!! The snow on the mountain is the only clue that it is definitely not summer.

In the sky with diamonds…

It was a stunning sunset. I saw something that took my breath away. I grabbed the camera and quickly took some shots before the last of the daylight disappeared. Disappointed that they looked fuzzy, blurry, dark, and nothing like the stunning view in front of me, I told myself to delete them later on.

Days later, the images are downloaded and to my surprise, I actually like them. I love the blurry lights reminiscent of sparks in a fire, fireworks, or fireflies dancing. I like the dramatic dark sky colour and the last of the brilliant glowing pink light before darkness fully sets in.. perfect or not.

One proud mumma!

Spring has sprung here in Taranaki. In a down-town park today, at lunch time, a proud mumma duck and her babies came along to enjoy the sunshine and mix with the locals. The babies were so tiny and cute as they waddled about taking some of their first tentative steps on land!

Watching the mother duck keep watch over her babies was mesmerising. The babies would wander off exploring in many directions but she would round them all up, and they would all head off in the direction she chose, her role to keep them safe and together…

ps…A group of ducks on water is apparently a ‘baddling’ (love that word!) and in flight, a ‘flush’ or a ‘team’. A mother duck with babies, that’s just ‘cute’.

Dairy country

There are abandoned dairy factories all around here. They get photographed by me and others who see beauty in their faded grandeur. This is one of my favourites. It has a lovely sky blue patina with a faded red corrugated iron roof. When set against the ever changing sky line and paddocks, it always look fantastic to me. In an abandoned, neglected, lost sort of way.

Giving thanks.

This is a huge thank you to the North Taranaki Community Arts Council who have generously approved my application for funding to assist with my first solo exhibition. You have made my project so much more possible and I am very grateful. Thank you so much for believing in me.

A curious thing…

I do not know why this angel/bird shape keeps appearing in my art. I feel like the reason will make itself apparent at some stage. All I know is that I keep making them, out of various bits of found papers, for no apparent reason. Maybe there is a link to the bird names and themes? Or maybe they are a symbol for peace, hope, faith? Or maybe they are about flight, travel, new places and exploring? Or maybe they are paper angels? I am not sure. But whatever the reason, I find them emerging frequently in my art. This one, with its vibrant colour and textures, took my fancy today.

Sandy Bay Boys

Sandy Bay, seagulls, boys running…. This is the photograph I am considering for my entry in the Taranaki Art Awards, Photography section.

Wish me luck with it!

One word, that’s all.

One word. One thought. One wish. One opportunity. One regret. One chance. One of many. One alone. One voice. One action. One only. One lonely. One heart. One mistake. One moment to shine.

Its just a word, after all. Just one little word with so much attached to it. One thought for tonight.

Mixed media musings…

Rain on the roof and sentimentality in the studio…

I found myself drawn today to a stash of old handwritten letters, postcards, cards, envelopes, stamps, words with meanings of love (and loss), flowers, and vintage themes that I have collected over time…they were scattered all over the table, and some found their way into my art today.

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