First in a year…

My first new painting since October last year. I finally started painting again. It feels good, great in fact. I was filled with emotion that needed an outlet, and I found myself in front of a canvas, paints, tools, and a frustration brewing inside me…then a painting coming to life before my eyes. Vibrant, textured, intense colour, layers built up, yet I can see the remnants of an old castle or fortification, a mountain almost hidden in the clouds, a ship tied up, a snowy field and trees? Yet its also definitely purely abstract. Like my paintings tend to be, it is full of layers, texture and intense colour. Typical also of me, no paintbrushes were used.

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2 responses to “First in a year…

  • Maya Greywolf

    Amazing the images abstract art can induce. Having lived so many years in Alaska, I was just SURE this was a painting of salmon returning to their spawning grounds.
    A lovely feast when sampling what each person brings to the table.

    • Angela Sefton

      I love it when people see things in my paintings. Thats why I usually do not to say to much about my interpretation of them, I prefer to hear others views…so thanks for that

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