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Tidying up the gallery…

I have set up several new pages to my gallery, being a photography section and a mixed media and journal art section, and I have also added a few more more paintings to the painting section. I hope it may be helpful to anyone looking for a specific image or only interested in one type of artistic media. Please feel free to have a look and leave a comment.


doodling with intent…

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Ages ago I read about an interesting concept – draw 3-4 boxes in a row, and put two lines in the first box and then keep playing with the lines changing them slightly until you are happy with them (about 4-8 boxes). For mine, I started with three loose themes, human (being/presence), a cross (a symbol), the hill I see from my house, and chose to convert each of them to the most basic of lines and see what happened…I thought it was quite an interesting exercise. The hill one certainly has got potential to develop further as an abstract interpretation of my landscape…

Oh, and two pages of just doodling and not taking the pen off the page…why? just because…to see what happened.

Onto much more serious matters – I have a date! And a venue! Both confirmed now. My first solo exhibition is scheduled for very early in 2013…! So much to do, so little time…any advice gratefully accepted.

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