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Its no secret that I like old things. I also like to look at things in a new way and find beauty in ordinary and everyday items. I decided to do a photo essay of things that I thought were beautiful in my own home after pouring over other people’s homes in magazines. I wasn’t interested in things stored away, or especially valuable or the obvious things…just everyday things anyone would see in my home that I think are beautiful.

When I finished, I noticed that almost all of them were quite old, all were very well used, most were treasured gifts, almost all have no real monetary value, and many trigger a flood of memories. So, to you this may seem like a collection of odd bits and bobs, but to me, they are some of my dearest treasures. The very stuff a full life is made of.

For example, “Ted” now nearly 12, has been on my eldest son’s bed since he was just a day old. The beads, I wear almost daily and are mostly market finds and gifts. The silver set was a precious gift from a university friend, many years ago. Books…well, they go without saying. Handles on a much loved dresser that came all the way from Canada with me, a gift from my dear elderly neighbour when I was a university student. The bits and bobs in my daughters room – a combination of my own things from when I was a girl, a few vintage (op shop) finds, gifts, and “special” things my daughter loves.

The crystal decanters are not mine, but I unearthed them hidden away covered in dust in a storage cupboard. I adore them. They make perfect vases. A single stem in each one, lined up on a table with some candles and wine glasses…perfect! Totally modern yet vintage cool.

I challenge you to have a look at your most loved possessions. Photograph them, draw them, write about them. Use them. If they are hidden away, pull them out and use them. Love them. Display them. If you don’t use them, why not? Can you find a way to rework them if need be and use them/appreciate them in a different way? Find inspiration in your own everyday items. They tell a story. They tell your story. They tell a lot about who we once were, who we are now and what we value, and they hold clues about our future… In a world of immediate gratification, instant updates and mass produced consumer items, its even more important to not only hang on to your own treasures, but use them daily, love them and honour your own history.

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