Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

A little moment in the museum…

In the spirit of finding inspiration in the everyday, I have submitted these two photo collages. I couldn’t decide which I liked better so have posted them both for comment, consideration or inspiration even? It was (for me) a really good example of just hanging out with the kids having fun during the school holidays at our local museum, and then just noticing the way the light was falling onto the glass floor, how the kids were silhouetted in contrast, how the historic building architraves were highlighted…basically, it was just a perfect photo moment, in a poky corner of the museum. Yet it proved to be an inspired spot for some photos. I have played around with them of course, further highlighting the contrast between dark and light and cropped slightly for a tighter composition, but in essence it was just a perfect coming together of light, location, and observation of my children interacting, oblivious to me and my sudden inspiration.

I hope you too, are finding creative inspiration in your own everyday routine, activities, observations around you. One option is to capture unique moments, experiences and observations when they happen, either in words, photos, drawings, sketches, journalling or through whatever creative outlet inspires you. Alternatively you can also just have the experience by simply just observing, noticing and enjoying the experience, the moment. Either way, you are living a more artistically inspired life, because you noticed when others didn’t. You cared.

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