Daily Archives: July 5, 2012

July, Journalling and Just doing it….

To all my lovely supporters, a big thank you. Last month I had my record number of viewers and subscribers, so thank you! It’s really such a buzz to see that people take time from their busy lives to read my blog and take time to offer comments, suggestions, and offer support for my continuing writing, art and photography. The more support I got, the more I wanted to write and share.

How lucky we are to live in a global community, where we can support and appreciate other people’s art, thoughts, meanderings, creations… that we might never know about if it were not for the internet.I am constantly amazed by the breadth, sincerity and quality of other blogs I come across.

Anyway here is a recent jumble of my journal meanderings…for inspiration or interest. Some of you may recognise snippets from other entries or photos…but when put together like this, they form a new kind of creative idea, the sum being greater than the parts. I have only just ventured back into my art studio after a number of months with it closed, locked, curtains drawn…and have tentatively started on a small collection of four mixed media pieces. It is strange after such an absence, I feel almost back at the beginning of my creative endeavours again, nervous, cautious. I have made a tentative start and we will see where it goes. I will keep you posted.

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