Getting sorted finally

I have finally put up on the wall an assortment of my works, a few photo’s, a few mixed media items…they had been gathering dust in various piles left around the house and in my studio, and so I finally got sorted and get them on a blank wall at home. I think it looks pretty good, but more importantly, it gives you a sense of achievement to actually see your own works framed and on a wall, rather than just in a folder, or stuffed in a suitcase, where no one can see them. Most of the frames I used were cheap ones from local discount store or ones I owned already. So for very little outlay, I got a wall of interesting art.

It makes a difference when you frame a work – it says that you value your work. It also makes them look different. There is something about a matt and a frame that changes how a work looks, and also how you view it. I think this is really the amazing thing about presenting your work.

If you haven’t got any of your work out on display in your own home, I urge you to try it.


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