considering things…

You will see I have asked you two questions, one about what you enjoy most about my blog and the other about how you think I could improve it. I look forward to your feedback, which I hope will be mostly kind and mostly useful. You see, I am at a cross roads of sorts, trying to figure out what my blog is really about, what about it makes it good/different/interesting or whatever, or not that great. Perhaps its meandering-ness is what makes it good, I don’t know!

People ask what my blog is about and I struggle to explain, but maybe that’s ok? I do know already that since I started my blog, I find I have shifted focus several times from mixed media art, to abstract painting and recently to more photography (my first love, I admit) more writing, more journalling which I also really enjoy… and more reflecting more on things, noticing things…so I am interested in your views on what inspires you, what makes you take the time to come visit my blog? Please tell me…


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3 responses to “considering things…

  • Manoj

    I also went through a similar patch during the initial days, now have found a writing style which comes naturally to me. Keep blogging, keep sharing 🙂

  • Maya Greywolf

    My roommate and I have often had a conversation that begins with the sentence, “Can you imagine doing the same job all your life?” Our answer is unequivocally, “No!”

    My passions change, my interests change. I have done many jobs, explored many interests and creative callings. My garden is ever changing. Some flowers coming back year after year and some bloom magnificently for only a short time. The garden itself, remains beautiful and… I am never bored with it.

    I worried, after reading someone say they didn’t want their photography to be a mish-mash collection, that that was exactly what MY photoblog was! Then, I considered the feedback from my audience. I found hardly anyone liked the entire collection except me but… everybody liked something. As the creator, I found it absolutely fascinating to learn what spoke to each person and why (I sure wish I could get more of them to comment!!) and it reinforced the idea that, unless I wanted to limit my audience, diversity was good.

    Let the four winds bring you inspiration. I will enjoy that which comes from the North and your great-aunt will absolutely love that piece that blew in from the West.


    • Angela Sefton

      That was such a lovely thought provoking comment. I too struggle that my interests are too diverse, not focused enough. But in the end, we have to be true to ourselves don’t we if we want to grow as artists? You are a wonderful inspiration. Kindest regards,

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