Stand in the place where you live

The impending change that I felt several months has arrived. Months ago it was just a vague feeling, a second sense swirling around me, a blurring of the vision of the future I thought I had planned out. My landscape, my home, my defined roles and what makes me who I am, was all suddenly called into question. With the impending change, a heaviness in the air…a combination of anticipation, fear of the unknown and questions in my mind about what might become.

The change turned out to be at once more simple, yet more profound than I expected. I resigned from my job. I stepped politely aside of my career and with it – my aspirations, financial independence, a sense of normality. I shed my professional role, my responsibilities, my defining job and title, and my role as income earner. Why?

To be a mother. To be an artist. To love, laugh, care, nurture, explore, teach, learn, share, risk, write, draw, paint, run, play, bake, bike, help, share, create, photograph, protect, encourage, nurture. To be present.

This is my opportunity to do things differently, as a mother and an artist. I have grabbed it fully. This is a defining time. The winds of change have come and gone. I feel free.


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