A thought to consider as we head into the weekend….

It may be a bit too “new age philosphy”, but I do believe it is true. Your thought attitude seems to reflect/project the same as what happens to you….negative thoughts = negative things seem to happen, positive thoughts = positive things happen again and again. It can’t be a co-incidence!

Thats not to say bad things can’t happen to positive people, or that good things can’t happen to generally negative people, but I bet if you think about the people who seem to catch all the breaks, get the good outcomes, have strange co-incidences that strangely work out for them, they are generally positive, open minded, optimistic people. And generally, those who seem in a cycle of bad luck, gloomy situations, and endless difficulty, well, they are usually portraying a fairly negative view of the world…it becomes a vicious cycle…

What do you think?

I think we have control of our thoughts. We have control of our actions. Make them both positive. Think good thoughts and embrace the positive…have a great weekend!


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