Thoughts on what we keep and what that says about us….

I took this photo by accident, I looked at this photo again, and quite liked the accidental composition of it, but more than that, I started thinking about why I had kept these particular things and discarded so much other “stuff” through my life…

Lets see…the vase with the naked ladies dancing – a memory of life in Canada where I had picked this vase up in a tiny shop, while I was a very poor student at university. No particular reason, I just liked it.

The yellowish plastic rabbit – not actually mine, but I love how it reminds me of the honey we used to have as kids that came in a simlar shaped bear.The rabbit was to be thrown out, so I rescued him.

The black naked bust was picked up in an antique shop for a ridiculously cheap price. She is very heavy. I especially like how her nipple has been chipped off, leaving a white blemish, making her less perfect.

The small mixed media canvas is mine. I like the somberness of it, the message of the fragility of life and the muted colours. Behind it is a black matt carboard with two pices of rusted metal attached. They are from a ship wreck along the taranaki coast, salvaged a few years ago. I am not sure if the wreck still exists at all now.

The rock, just beacsue it is smooth, black and shiny. I think one of my boys owns it. The metal cuff, my partner made at school many years ago, and the small green/gold port glass is part of a set of 4 I have had for a long time, also from Canada and occassionaly used now for holding small items.

The bell is from Trade Aid. I like the shape, colour and form, and to ring it occassionally. It used to hang in a cherry tree at my old home in a past life. One day it may again hang in a cherry tree. Until then, I just keep it safe with me.

Why these things and not other things? I don’t know. They are the bits of my past (and my partners past life too) but they are not the obvious things like photos, letters, and cards..They are not in pride of place in my home, but tucked into a shelf in my art studio…. But they are things that have some how worked there way into my heart…I cannot part with them. You can tell a lot about a person by what they keep and what they discard.


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