I have several collections of symbols – and several collections of words. Here they converge. Each one drawn above  is a symbol in its own beautiful way – a symbol of a time past when printing was the only efficient way to distribute written information yet the symbol is also, I think, clever and elegant and efficient in its own simple circle based design. The elegant shape of each one (only two are drawn above) are strangely beautiful, like a hidden language, a secret language. They look familiar but are not. Fascinating.

On the note of text as  symbol, there is of course a hells-box..Its basically a random selection of discarded printing letters, all jumbled up in a box of random letters in various fonts. I’d love to find one someday…my collection of random printers block letters thus far is a few antique printers block letters (of various fonts) found at various junk shops.  I know you can buy entire sets of perfect new letters but they just lack the provenance of a hells box.

I did see once some very beautiful romantic poetry written and printed by an artist who used only the letters available in a found hells box…it was fascinating, beautiful to look at as both a collection of words made of odd fonts and letters, and to read as poetry, I think it was just wonderful.  

I keep  collecting symbols that speak to me, both ancient and modern… A symbol can be a powerful connection with our past, but also can be a fragile thread that connects us as families, communities, cities, and as global citizens.


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  • fairybasslet

    That second (right hand side) one in your pic is very like a Pictish v-rod carving. Just thought I’d say! Like the blog.

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