an alphabet of sorts…

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When I collect words,sayings, quotes, random thoughts, etc, I usually keep them alphabetically in my journals. I set up a page for each letter and collect things for each page. It is a work in motion however, some pages fill easily, others sit empty for a long time, as if waiting for the right word or phrase. Words/thoughts/quotes are placed under the letter that fits best at the time, not necessarily under the first letter of the phrase/word/thought.

I used to hate handwriting my own notes (which seemed to always look like scribbled down notes) but now I just accept that my handwriting is what makes my journal mine. It may not look as pretty as fancy fonts, but it is mine.

Anyway, I have put this alphabet of sorts into a slide show – hope it works!


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3 responses to “an alphabet of sorts…

  • Jodie

    I really like this idea.

  • Maya Greywolf

    You’ve inspired me to explore the possibility of allowing my journal to become something much more than a collection of words, written with the same pen, in the same style, page after page after page.
    I always felt the documentation was the most “important” element and therefore had standardized. I never thought, or considered (not once!) that it didn’t have to be as neat as possible (no scribbles!), or I could say more, in roundabout fashion – maybe even using a different pen (faint, faint).
    I doubt I’ll jump in with both feet but… I may do a little wading sometime soon.

    • Angela Sefton

      I actually think that is the nicest compliment I have ever recieved, that my work has inspired you to relook at your own journalling. I look forwrad to hearing/seeing how you get on…Thansk for sharing, regards, Angela

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