the end of an era, the dawn of a new age….

A new year…a time for reflection and a time for looking forward…

To be honest, I am glad 2011 is over. It started well enough, but by the end I was distraught, distracted and unfocused. Personal events threatened my family, overshadowed my creativity and I was unable to find my way through the fog to a creative outlet.  

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however, there were some highlights from an artistic perspective…Importantly, I sold some paintings! I also  entered the Taranaki Art Awards and had the joy of seeing my art holding its own up there on the wall with other talented artists – famous and emerging artists, local and international. I also, of course, started this blog, about my art and my life and I am absolutely committed to continuing to blog and share my thoughts, ideas, trials and tribulations..I have a big sense of satisfaction in the fact that I am the only person I know who knows what “tweak your widgets” means…who knew I could become a tiny bit geeky by writing my own blog!! It is an incredible thing…to get a comment from someone reading your blog in other time zone, in another country, and them telling you that they found something you wrote or an image you have created is inspiring to them. You then know that your journey is not in vain, and that you are not alone, a dreamer. There are others, artist, creative people, photographers, writers and poets and others…all with stories, dreams, ideas and thoughts to share…Finally, I met some very passionate artists who have encouraged me, inspired me and whom I have made new friendships with.

So 21012, I hope for more painting. I start the year with no painting planned, nothing started (In fact, I haven’t painted for 3 months now)…I want to focus on more creating, more photography, more writing, more blogging. Taking and making more time for this. Thats my goal. Simple. Just keep moving forward creatively while being the absolute  best mum/friend/mentor that I can be to my three sons and my daughter, the best partner, friend, sister, daughter, aunt that I can be, and working toward being the best artist and person that I can be.   I have a dream, a vision and I know it will happen.

I hope to continue to notice the small or seemingly insignificant things, and find beauthy in places where it is not normally expected, to appreciate the simple things and take time to be inspired and to be deeply thankful.


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One response to “the end of an era, the dawn of a new age….

  • milotheblue

    Excellent post and I would love to tag along your blogs to see this journey out with you. I too recently started a blog, thought it’s not my first time. I took a recess away from creativity and attended matters of the heart. I enjoyed this blog of yours. It was creative, it was simple, and I felt a sense of bonding (which is a sign of good blog). Thanks for posting and I hope you post more!!

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