What does it say about a person…the words they collect, use and save?


 Antiques Adventure Alone Art Alive Answers Anticipation Architecture Apples A simple, modern life, a paring back and more focused on quality Ageless A story to tell Antiquity Absolutes An attitude of gratitude


Being bold Books Beauty Brainstorming Being Beaches Bubble Baths Brave Butterflies But doing it anyway Beads Bridges Balance Caleb’s Blue eyes – the very best shade of blue I have ever seen. Beating hearts Basil and tomatoes Blond haired Boys Believing Blood lines


Closer Creating Colour Coffee Cats Curves Chaos Connections Confused Complex choices Child like Chocolate consequences Challenging Change Celebrate Corrugated iron Celebrities aren’t Children, mine especially. Context  Create – to bring into being, to produce as a work of thought or imagination.


Do you believe in destiny? Deciding on a different path Driftwood Dreams Dancing Decrepid buildings Drinking wine Doubts Decisions Deepest darkest Delicious Describing


Enigmatic Elegant Eloquently Exasperated Expressively Ephemera Eat Endings Epiphany Exploring


Frayed edges Fork in the road Feeling is first Friends Feeling really really happy Foundling Fragment Farrier


Giving not taking Glistening Going for it Glass like


Head first Honest Hanging out the washing Heart to heart Heartfelt Heart land Heart ache Heart songs Happiness


Intimacy Interested Is there any greater journey than love? Inspirational Images I am that is In the moment


Journaling Jaded Joins together the pieces of my life Just do Just be


Kids smiles Knowing when to stop and when to start also


Letting go Live love laugh Love Lyrically Living Letters


My self My own My life My heart wanders My heart pounding Mama tiki


Noticing Night sky Nature Nuture


Ours Owning Origin Once upon a time Objet trouve – an ordinary object, found; a strand of sequins, a beaded flower, thread and buttons, etc that is treated as an object of art by the one who finds it. Origin France.


Paying attention to the small things Peace Painstakingly A Perfect day Perhaps just a minute longer Perhaps I am just a girl with delusions of grandeur? Are perhaps, people where they are they want. They are two different things. Play Picking up the pieces Pohutokawa flowers at Christmas time




Restoring the balance Reflections Its Raining again Romantically Responsively Record keeper Rainy day jobs Rewards Retreats Reflects Rejuvenates Being Real Respect Renew


Stories Streets Sojourns Starting something So, here we are Serendipity Sanity Sanctuary Soil Sand Surf Soothes Sunshine streaming in See Shells Sculpture Smiles Sunday morning piklets


Touchstone Giving Thanks Taking risks Things that I know to be true Think Travel


Unexpected places Us Unite / Untie (how can 5 letters mean so much?)


Vessel Voyages Vintage


Want less, not more Wide eyed Will anyone like my paintings? Water, our life blood Witness to our lives Weekend What do you want, do what you want, want what you do. Walking Walks on the beach Wavering


Marks the spot. Kisses. Sign here.


You, of course


It’s about the end. The last one. Finito The end of an era. The end of summer. The end of love. The end of the story. And then when there is an end, a real end, then and only then, can there be a new beginning.

These are some of “my” words.  I collect words, they appear in my various journals as scraps cut out of other books, newspapers, posters, flyers, or scribbled down by me. They frequently inspire my art. I guess it may be a bit peculiar to collect words and simple phrases, but, I like them. I wonder about how words affect us.


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