Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

A tale of two friends…

A friend sent me two links to check out…she thought I’d find them inspiring She was right! Both of them sent me on a trip  from one blog site to another and another, to one website, to another and another link, and another link……looking at all the gorgeous things people are making, all the inspired stories of people doing what they love, and all the courses, seminars, resources, advice, all available…it really is a real community of like-minded creative people out there…all busy sharing, caring, trying to make a living doing what they love, doing what they do because it compels or inspires them…I feel totally invigorated, inspired and ready to join in. So, check out these sites and be prepared to fall in love… 


 Another friend feels so far away…maybe these sites will remind her that even though we are many thousands of miles apart, there are people in both our communities at opposite ends of the earth, making beautiful handmade things, doing,  maybe even sharing, and maybe if she finds some of them, it will make her new big, crowded, noisy city feel a lot less soul-less….its just a thought?


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